Colin Delia

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Colin Delia

A lot of what makes today's goalies so good is the application of the reverse VH and the ability be mobile while transitioning in and out of the position. However, one consequence of this new development is the discovery of the ineffectiveness of current net pegs. So how is one practice this essential skill if your tools surroundings don't allow it? Reto at Goalie Action has successfully remedied this nagging problem. 

Colin Delia - Merrimack College - NCAA

"In the past 10 years, the game of goaltending has adapted to make the goaltenders movement extremely efficient. More recently, goalies have began to integrate what is typically referred to as a reverse VH for a number of specific scenarios.

I have had the privilege of training with Reto for the past 3 years. Reto has taken my game to levels that I had not previously thought possible, the main reason is his attention to detail. The GA GOAL PEGS are an extension of his commitment to the position and his vocation. Over those 3 years I was able to successfully practice all types of post integration work without dislodging the net. GA GOAL PEGS provide superior net anchoring that will allow the goalie to effectively practice all types of post work without having to reset their net after every collision with the post. These pegs are an essential piece of equipment that goalies at any level can make use of, if you want to develop your game further, GA GOAL PEGS are an integral step in getting to where you want to go."

Colin Delia - Merrimack College - NCAA

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