“Hi Reto. Pegs worked very well!! Very happy with them. Thank you, Jeff" 

Jeff Reese - Goaltending Coach Dallas Stars NHL

Eddie Lack - Carolina Hurricanes

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“Eddie used the gagoalpegs at NET360 Camp in Kelowna 2016" 

Eddie Lack - Carolina Hurricanes NHL

Eric Comrie

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“This pegs are so much better then the old once. It's like game atmosphere." 

Eric Comrie - Winnipeg Jets / Manitoba Moose - AHL

Tomas Sholl

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"...and the goal posts were great they made it much easier for doing goalie movements off of the post without having to worry about the net coming off every push.i was actually wondering if you could send me your email because i mentioned the goal pegs to our goalie coach and he seemed interested in them!"

Tomas Sholl - Bowling Green State Univ. NCAA

Francois Allaire

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“As a Pro Goalie Coach, you want the best for your players/goalies. After 30 years in pro hockey, the "gagoalpegs" are the best pegs I ever used. They are clearly the best product on the market.”

Francois Allaire - Colorado Avalanche - NHL

Colin Delia

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A lot of what makes today's goalies so good is the application of the reverse VH and the ability be mobile while transitioning in and out of the position. However, one consequence of this new development is the discovery of the ineffectiveness of current net pegs. So how is one practice this essential skill if your tools surroundings don't allow it? Reto at Goalie Action has successfully remedied this nagging problem. 

Colin Delia - Merrimack College - NCAA

Arthur Brey

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"After spending the last 3 summers training with Reto, I find my game has gone to a new level. A lot of his teachings involve sliding into and pushing off of the post. He brings pegs that literally need to be drilled into the ice and assure a solid post to slide into as well as push off of. Have yet to find a better system of pegs that keep the net where it should be and helping me learn more whenever I am on the ice with him"

Arthur Brey - Sioux Falls Stampede - USHL