GAGOALPEGSTM is a part of GOALIE ACTION, GOALIE ACTION was established by Reto Schurch to provide goalie coaching and consulting to goalies from juniors to professionals. Reto Schurch played over 15 years as a professional goalie in Switzerland, Sweden and the US. During his pro career he started already with coaching and since 2010 he is working as a pro coach in Switzerland as well in California.

Todays great goalies using the post to play their game, so it is important that he can push into or off of the post during games and practices.  But most rinks in North America are using goal pegs witch get out of position to easily. Almost with every contact the net gets off a bit and in games the play has to be stopped and during practices the goalie can’t really work on his skills.

Almost in all pro leagues, during the games they are using pegs (ex. Marsh Pegs) which hold the net well in position. But even in the NHL most teams are using for practices the normal pegs and can’t work on their post game.

To help the goalies, teams as well the rinks to provide good hockey and keep the game in flow without stopping it all the time because the net is out of position all the time, we created a new peg system.


  • are easy to set
  • holding the net firmly in place
  • releases with reasonable contact for safety